The Hairy Gorilla Half Marathon and Squirrelly Six Mile

9:30am - Sunday, October 28, 2018
Thacher State Park, Voorheesville, NY

The Course

Both the six mile and half marathon are run simultaneously on the same course.
It is nearly identical to the 10K/Half Marathon courses from the Thacher Park Trail Running Festival
Course Map
Course Markings - What to Look For
Course Photos - See pictures from the course as well as the view from each mile mark of the race.

The first 6 miles
The race begins with a 600 meter loop around field and then heads north along the Escarpment towards Hailes Cave Pavilion.
It then runs on the wide grass field parallel to the Long Path before joining the Long Path and running a loop in the north section of the park.
The first 1.25m is the same as the final 1.25m.

The remaining 7+ miles
The second half of the course begins with a beautiful stretch along the fence line of the park. It then heads up the hill by the Paint Mine trailhead to Beaver Dam Rd.
After that nearly mile long ascent, the rest of the race is mostly flat or downhill. There are many beautiful sections in this part that have never been part of this event before.

The course is beautiful. If you will be in shape to complete the half marathon distance, we recommend that you run it.

Run at an ARE event before?
The HGH & SS take place within Thacher Park. This is a more technical type of trail than Schodack Island State Park and Peebles Island. It is similar to Plotterkill and some of the rooty sections of Five Rivers Environmental Center.